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MILL has developed the following policies to ensure the safest possible experience for all in attendance:


• All attendees MUST take a self-assessment before arrival.

Those experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 or have/had a confirmed case in their household must stay home. (Symptoms are outlined below in the “When Not to Attend” section)

• Staff will be required to wear face masks if social distancing cannot be maintained 

• Hand sanitizer will be located at the staff table between fields 

• Proper social distance spacing will be taken when interacting with league staff.

• Digital thermometers will be used to check temperatures of EVERYONE IN ATTENDANCE before entering the facility.

• Social distancing should be maintained except on the field of play. 


For Players:

• Bring your own water with name clearly labeled, DO NOT SHARE WATER.

• Face masks are NOT required during game play but are to be worn when not playing 

• No Touch Rule – No hugs, high fives or post game handshakes.

• No handling game ball with your hands. 


For Team Coaches:

• Face masks are REQUIRED

• Coaches should make every effort to maintain social distancing on the team bench and sideline areas.


For Referees/Officials:

• Face masks will not be required during game play but should be worn at all other times when social distancing measures cannot be taken.

• Only referees can physically touch game balls.


For Parents/Spectators:

• Only one (1) spectator per player will be allowed to attend to help with reducing the overall number of people in attendance.

• Always maintain social distancing, especially when watching games on the sidelines.

• Wear a face mask while at the field


When NOT to attend:

• If you have recently experienced any symptoms related to COVID-19 

(Symptoms include; cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, muscle pains, headaches and new loss of smell or taste).

• If you have underlying health risks.

• If you are unable to maintain proper social distancing guidelines.

• If you refuse to wear a face mask it is recommended that you not attend.

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